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Daisy Coulam


In 1981, preparations were under way to welcome the arrival of 96 American Tomahawk Cruise missiles at Greenham Common air base, Berkshire. Each warhead had the capacity to level a small town. On a smallholding in Wales, one woman was scared. And she was angry. Ann Pettit was angry because no one seemed to be questioning the stupidity of it all. No one seemed to be speaking up and saying this was madness – all those high up men, all those dark-suited decision makers were just going to stand by and let this happen.​

​So Ann decided she had to speak up. On August 27th 1981, Ann and 40 others took off on their march to the military base. It was the start of something even she couldn’t begin to imagine. GREENHAM tells the true story of Ann Pettit’s march, and a movement that changed the face of modern history

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